The reason you need to rent st petersburg apartments

by Jermaine on February 1, 2012 2 Comments

You frequently come t our city in work journeys and are tired of endless, identical, expensive hotels. You may settle yourself conveniently and feel at home. Cook your favorite dishes or buy meal with carriage - it is twice less expensive than in a café. You can invite colleagues and bring your family to have a rest. You are not at work, you’re comfortable in absolutely your space - see the difference between the hotel and staying in st petersburg apartments.

You don’t like to encounter masses of people? Imagine the way you wake up and make a coffee, drink it by the window overlooking the embankment, unhurriedly have lunch in a bathrobe, take a favorite umbrella (always have the umbrella, then the city recognizes you as the real St. Petersburg man), close the door of your lodging and go on Nevsky Prospect. We propose you more than cozy living ...

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